Are your products grown locally?

Yes — we grow most of them right here in Shelby County! We may purchase some items from other local growers, such as sweet corn or apples. Either way, in buying from Crossway Farms you get all the benefits of locally-grown food: freshness, full flavor, and the highest quality selection.

What type of payments do you accept?

We accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Is your produce organic?

No. At Crossway Farms, we choose to grow our crops ‘conventionally’, using the least possible amount of fertilizers and chemicals to maximize the quality of the fruits and vegetables, reduce costs, and ensure safety. We’d be happy to answer any further questions you have on this topic.

 What is the best way to stay up to date with your current products?

We post on our Facebook page several times a week to let our customers know what is going on around the farm. If you do not have access to Facebook, you can check out our most recent posts on the homepage of our website.

Have more questions? 

Message us on Facebook or call us at 937.210.1590!